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version: 01. August 2023

Our General Terms and Conditions apply in connection with all service offers of Busguru UG in the field of mobility. (Booking of transport services, concept creation, event logistics, etc.).

1. booking (package tours/transfer services)

1.1 The registration is made by the booker also for all co-travelers included in the booking, for whose contractual obligations the booker is liable as for his own obligations. The minimum age for participation in the transportation is 16 years without the accompaniment of a parent or guardian. For passengers who have not reached the age of 18 at the beginning of the trip and are traveling without an adult companion, a written declaration of consent from the parent or guardian is required. The supervision of passengers, especially of children, adolescents and persons in need of assistance, is not part of the services of Busguru UG. If the order confirmation from the bus company differs from the content of your registration, then a new offer from Busguru UG is present, which you can accept within the given period by explicit or conclusive declaration (payment of the owed remuneration), provided that the necessary capacities are free at the time of acceptance.

1.2 Offers made by Busguru UG are subject to change and non-binding, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. A contract of carriage is only concluded with the final booking confirmation/invoice from Busguru UG.

2. payment of the travel price, responsibility of the customer

2.1 Immediately after conclusion of the contract a deposit of 25% of the total price is to be paid, the minimum amount of a deposit is 150 Euro incl. VAT. The remaining amount is due 28 days before the start of the trip. The total price is the sum of the deposit and the remaining amount.

2.2 For bookings less than 8 weeks before the start of the trip, the total price is due 28 days before the start of the trip. For short-term bookings within 28 days, the total price is due immediately.

2.3 For payments by credit card, additional processing fees will be charged to the customer.

2.4 If you do not pay the travel price on time, reminder fees may be incurred at your expense. In the event of non-payment of the tour price prior to departure despite a reminder with a deadline, the transportation contract will be cancelled with costs.

2.5 Cleaning costs are included in the quoted prices. Costs for cleaning excessively dirty vehicles and the repair of self-inflicted damage are to be borne separately.

3. trip cancellation, service and price changes

3.1 If the transportation is considerably impeded, endangered or impaired as a result of force majeure – which was not foreseeable at the time of conclusion of the contract – both the booker and Busguru UG may terminate the contract. The legal consequences result from the law.

3.2 Busguru UG is entitled to change the agreed content of the transportation contract only for legally permissible reasons. Changes or deviations of individual transportation services from the agreed content of the transportation contract, which become necessary after the conclusion of the contract and which are not caused by Busguru UG, are only permissible insofar as these changes and deviations are not significant and do not affect the overall nature of the booked transportation.

3.3 Busguru UG is obligated to inform the customer about a permissible cancellation of transportation or a significant change of an essential transportation service immediately after becoming aware of it.

3.4 Price changes are possible after the conclusion of the transportation contract in the event of an increase in transportation costs or charges for certain services, to the extent that the increase in transportation costs or charges for certain services per head or seat affects the transportation price, if there are more than 4 months between the receipt of the booking confirmation/invoice and the agreed start of transportation. Should this be the case, the customer will be informed immediately, but no later than 21 days before the transport. Price increases thereafter are not permitted. In the event of a price increase of more than 5% of the agreed total price or in the event of a significant change in an essential transport service, the customer may withdraw from the contract. The customer is obligated to assert these rights against Busguru UG immediately after receipt of the change notification. For this purpose, the written form by mail or letter is specified.

3.5 The booker has to notify the company of the so-called risk trips, before the conclusion of the contract. In particular, these are risky trips for the transportation of soccer fans, as well as politically motivated demonstrators or similar events. In the case of so-called risk trips, Busguru UG is entitled to demand a deposit from the booker. The amount of the deposit will be decided in each individual case according to the size of the bus and will be at least € 1.500,00.

4. changes, rebooking and withdrawal by the customer

4.1 You can withdraw at any time before the start of the transport. For reasons of evidence, it is recommended to declare the withdrawal in writing by mail or letter.

4.2 After a booking has been made, “one” change to the booking can be made without a processing fee. Further changes are subject to a processing fee in the amount of 28,00€ per transaction. It is strongly recommended that any desired changes to the contract be made in writing by e-mail or letter for reasons of proof. If this results in a change of service, additional costs may arise, the amount of which depends on the circumstances of the individual case and which are to be borne by the customer. These will be communicated to the customer in writing after intensive examination by Busguru UG. The implementation of the change can only take place if the customer also confirms the rebooking including additional costs in writing.

4.3 If a rebooking of the appointment is desired by the customer after the booking has been made, this must be communicated to Busguru UG in writing. In the case of a rebooking, the general cancellation conditions apply to the old date (see 4.4). However, these can deviate or be omitted after individual examination. With regard to the new date, additional costs may arise, which are to be borne by the customer. These will be communicated to the customer in writing after intensive examination by Busguru UG. The implementation of the rebooking can only take place if the customer confirms the rebooking including additional costs in writing by mail or letter.

4.4 In case of withdrawal, Busguru UG can demand a lump-sum compensation, which is calculated according to the following percentages of the agreed total price. You are free to prove that no damage or a lesser damage has occurred.
The cancellation costs at a glance:
Time of booking until 45th day 15%
from 44. to 30. day before departure 25%
from 29. to 15. day before departure 50%
from 14. to 07. day before departure 75%
from 06. day before departure 90%
(individual agreements are possible for large volume bookings)

5. liability

5.1 The liability of Busguru UG is based on the legal regulations.

5.2 The contractual liability of Busguru UG applies to damages that are not bodily injuries and this is limited to twice the transportation price, as soon as a damage was neither intentionally nor grossly negligently caused or is solely based on the fact that a service provider used by Busguru UG is solely responsible for the damage incurred. Legal regulations limiting or excluding liability, which are based on international conventions and which can be invoked by a service provider employed by Busguru UG, shall also apply in favor of Busguru UG.

5.3 For claims for damages, which are not physical damages and are not based on intent or gross negligence of Busguru UG, a limitation of liability to
EUR 1.000,00 per claimant and transport. The liability according to §23 Personenbeförderungsgesetzt remains unaffected.

6. contractual obligations and notices

6.1 If the transportation is not provided according to the contract, you only have the legal warranty rights of remedy, reduction of the transportation price, termination of the contract and compensation if you did not culpably fail to notify Busguru UG of a defect that occurred during the transportation.

6.2 In the event of a defect, you can only remedy the defect yourself or, in the event of a significant defect, terminate the carriage, if you grant a reasonable period of time to remedy the defect. A deadline is not required if the remedy is impossible, refused by the Busguru UG or cannot be made possible within a reasonable period of time.

6.3 A notice of defects will be accepted by our continuously available office team, you will receive the corresponding emergency numbers before the start of transportation. You will then receive a confirmation of receipt of the notice of defects in written form by e-mail or SMS/Whats App.

6.4 For all disputes, the registered office of the head office in Hamburg is agreed as the place of jurisdiction. (Insofar as an agreement on the place of jurisdiction is legally permissible).

6.5 Claims arising from the contract of carriage can only be asserted by the passenger himself. Assignment of these claims is not permitted.

6.6 Contractual claims shall become time-barred one year after the contractually agreed end of the carriage, but not before notification of a defect to Busguru UG, and not in case of intent. The statute of limitations is suspended as long as there are negotiations between Busguru UG and you regarding a claim or the circumstances justifying the claim. The suspension ends if one party refuses to continue the negotiations. Claims in tort are subject to the statutory limitation periods.

6.7 All offers and the prices included are exclusive of road, toll, parking fees and, if applicable, overnight costs for the driver for multi-day trips, unless otherwise stated in the order confirmation.

6.8 Please be guided by the upper limit of one piece of luggage (max. 23 kg) and one small piece of hand luggage (small handbag or backpack, no travel trolley or similar) per person. Bulky luggage (sports equipment, tools, tents or similar, as well as oversized luggage, will only be transported after prior consultation and approval of Busguru UG. We point out that Busguru UG is not responsible for the supervision of things that the booker or his passengers leave behind in the passenger compartment of the vehicle, or assumes liability for this. The supervision of the luggage during loading & unloading is also not the responsibility or liability of Busguru UG.

6.9 Only contractual partners (bus companies) are used, which have all necessary concessions for the transport and use qualified personnel.

6.10 There is no claim for the transportation of animals. The transportation of animals must be notified to Busguru UG before the conclusion of the transportation contract. In case of written permission from Busguru UG, the animals may not be accommodated on seats and must be carried in suitable transport containers.

6.11 The booker is responsible for the behavior of his passengers during the transport. If the booker or his passengers do not follow the instructions of the bus driver, they can be excluded from further transportation, if the further transportation has become unreasonable for Busguru UG or its service provider. A claim also for a refund is excluded in these cases. The booker is liable for damages to the vehicle caused by himself or by his passengers.
Exception: Neither the customer nor his passengers are responsible for the damage. Other claims remain unaffected.

7. passport, visa and health regulations

7.1 Please inform yourself about the passport and visa requirements applicable to the respective country of travel as well as health formalities (vaccinations). Should the performance of the carriage be thwarted or impeded for reasons attributable to improper travel documents, Busguru UG shall not assume any liability.

7.2 A passenger who does not have complete and proper travel documents at the start of the transport or during the transport can be excluded from the transport. Expenses will not be reimbursed.

8. data protection

8.1 Our complete privacy policy can be found on the webpage: privacy-policy

8.2 With the conclusion of the contract or booking, the booker agrees to the use of his data for the processing of the booked bus trip. These are, among others, address and contact data for the processing of the transaction.

8.3 No personal data will be passed on to external tourist service providers, bus companies or organizers.

8.4 If you have any questions or wish to exercise your rights (e.g. deletion of data) write to info@busguru.de.

transport agreement

Please note our  here about our transportation agreement, which must also be read before departure!

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