If you are wondering what bus branding is and what it entails, we will answer your questions as follows: Bus branding is the comprehensive wrapping of the bus with your brand or a design. The function of a bus branding is to visualize the appearance at, for example, a private event or a business event on a professional basis. And this is where Busguru steps in.

We design your individual bus branding according to your wishes, regardless of whether it is a company emblem, a trade fair motif, or a special design. Busguru provides a unique corporate branding over the entire bus. On the one hand, the branding has the purpose of making the bus appealing as an advertising medium not only to passengers, but also to road users such as motorists and pedestrians. Busguru enables you through this outdoor advertising a wide presence of your services, products, and events. With this high reach, you can generate a wide target audience. We create the design according to your wishes and send you the design idea. You decide yourself in which way you want to address your target group. In many years of cooperation with experienced folier agencies, Busguru offers you the possibility to use branding as a cost-effective marketing option at your event. If you would like to make use of bus branding, please let your contact person know when making your request.

Piktogramm Ortung des Fuhrparks
easy location of the entire project fleet
Piktogramm Steigerung der Project-Visibility
perception of the brand we increased
Piktogramm Busflotte
large fleet of buses with a suitable vehicle for each group size

No matter if you are planning a business event like a trade fair, meetings or conferences or if you need a shuttle for a team trip. Busguru will create your branding according to your wishes. We have a lot of creative people who will be happy to create such a unique design according to your ideas. At the same time, your event will be a real eye-catcher on the streets!

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