hostess service

The hostess service is an essential additional service at many events – and especially at business events – that rounds off your professional appearance as a host. Not only do we relieve you of organizational tasks by organizing the hostess service. We also provide you with trained personnel who will take over a multitude of tasks during the event and will be at your side with full commitment.

For Busguru, the hostess service is the perfect complementary service to the shuttle around your event. We organize the staff exactly according to your requirements and also specialize in the experience that must be compatible with their event. It is of high importance to us that the use of hostesses is exclusively on a professional and qualified basis. For you, the use of hostesses should be a facilitating measure, this we do justice to. We therefore fall back on our selected pool of partnerships, which is based purely on positive experience.

Piktogramm Handschlag
optimized and punctual execution of the trips
Piktogramm Sonderwünsche
appearance and language arts selectable on special request
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reliable partners throughout Germany and Europe

Busguru is not only the experienced specialist in topics around bus rental, but also offers you as an all-rounder important additional services that you need around your event or occasion. We set our standards around your event to the highest level, so that your event will be as unforgettable as possible. Just put the hostess service in the comment field of your request and we will take care of all further steps!

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